Commission on Concentration in the Media (KEK)

The Commission on Concentration in the Media is tasked with verifying that provisions to secure diversity of opinion in national private television are followed and making decisions accordingly.

To ensure national concentration control, the KEK functions as a decision-making body and mediating authority for all state media authorities.

In approval procedures for programme events and changes in ownership structures of television broadcasters, the KEK evaluates whether a company is achieving a dominating influence on public opinion through nationally distributed private programmes attributable to them.

Criteria for the existence of a dominating influence on public opinion are determined through the audience share obtained through the television programmes. If a company has obtained a certain audience share value, the position of the broadcaster and other involved companies on other media markets – the so-called “media-relevant associated markets” – is incorporated into the evaluation.

Within the framework of promoting diversity, the KEK is involved in procedures for the selection and licencing of broadcasters of transmission time for third parties and windows into the region.

The KEK also provides transparency on the ownership structures and other developments relevant to media concentration legislation in nationally distributed private television.


Georgios Gounalakis

Prof. Dr. Georgios Gounalakis

KEK Chairman


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