Full conference (GK)

Twice a year, the members of the Directors’ Conference (DLM) and the Committee Chairperson Conference (Gremienvorsitzendenkonferenz, GVK) convene for a full conference (Gesamtkonferenz, GK).

They consult on matters of programme development of private broadcasting and make decisions on issues which are generally significant in terms of media policy for the dual broadcasting system. For example, the full conference determined the subject of accessibility to be a responsibility of broadcasters relevant to the whole of society and prompted private broadcasters to expand its measures for accessible programmes.

Additionally, the full conference is in charge of budgetary rights and commissions a state media authority to manage the media authority association for a duration of two years.
The director of the managing media authority is simultaneously also the representative of the DLM and ZAK.

At the end of this term, a final report on the management is presented at the full conference, and management is handed over to the new representative.