Medienkompetenz: Hand bedient ein Smartphone, aus dem eine Wolke verschiedener Icons steigt, wie Fragezeichen, @, .com usw.

Media Literacy

Media literacy is the ability to understand media, to use them reasonably and to evaluate the risks involved. What does WhatsApp do with my data? Am I allowed to simply share photos I took of my friends on Facebook? And is my smart TV playing “Big Brother” with me?

Smartphones, tablets and web-enabled TVs are increasingly forming a part of people's everyday lives and influencing the choices that they make. Digitalisation in the world of work is in full swing in both the business and public administration sectors. Consequently, competence in handling media has now become an element of cultural technology with as much importance as reading and writing.

Imparting media literacy is therefore one of the Media Authorities' primary remits. For 20 years, they have been initiating projects to promote media education, particularly in the responsible handling of media while also taking a critical approach. They develop guides and information resources for parents, teachers and educators and participate in projects all over Europe.

Why do the state media authorities promote media literacy?

Through their activities to promote media literacy, the Media Authorities enable children and adolescents as well as adults to take advantage of the benefits that media can provide – in terms of education, communication and participation. They teach them to take a thoughtful approach in their use of the media and to avert risks. In doing so, they make an important contribution to preventative youth media protection, development of democratic literacy as well as consumer & user protection.

Alongside the large-scale joint projects such as FLIMMO, Internet ABC and klicksafe, the Media Authorities organise numerous national and local media literacy projects in children's daycare centres, schools and educational institutions.

Projects organised by the Media Authorities


FLIMMO is a programme advisory service for parents. It evaluates programmes popular with children aged 3 to 13. FLIMMO's evaluations help parents or educators make age-appropriate choices. The service is only available in German language.

Internet ABC

Internet ABC is a platform for children aimed at teaching them to develop the skills necessary to use the internet competently. Only available in German language.


klicksafe is a European initiative for enhanced online safety and promotion of media literacy when using the internet and new media.