Safeguarding European Core Values Online


Public Conference of the DLM in co-operation with ERGA

While the revision of Europe’s core piece of media legislation - the AVMS Directive - is in its final stage, national regulators are facing the day-to-day challenge to ensure the regulatory objectives in the rapidly changing media landscape – realising that traditional regulatory instruments are not always sufficient to enforce and safeguard fundamental principles like protection of minors, protection against hate speech and consumer protection in all audiovisual services.

Against this background, the public conference aims to facilitate an exchange in an EU-wide context between regulators, legislators and those being regulated. The conference is dedicated to the experience of NRAs when dealing with services in an online environment, in particular including influencers and online platforms: What services qualify as audiovisual media services/video-sharing platforms and how can the enforcement of the relevant rules to those services be effective? How can the coordination between NRAs, beyond the AVMS procedures, be facilitated when addressing cross border cases?

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