Die Medienanstalten sind zuständig für Zulassung und Regulierung des privaten Rundfunks in Deutschland.

About us

die medienanstalten – this is the umbrella brand of the 14 Media Authorities in Germany. They are responsible for the licenses and supervision of radio and television broadcasters. They monitor compliance with advertising rules and provisions on youth protection as well as promoting projects on imparting media competence. They support the introduction of new…

Digital Intermediaries

Online social networks, instant messaging services, search engines and video portals: these so-called digital intermediaries have become key elements of people's communication and information behaviour. As such, they are receiving increased attention for their efforts to ensure diversity.


Anyone streaming on the Internet should know whether they require a broadcasting licence. Have a look at the Medienanstalten's checklist for the classification of streaming services on the Internet.


German broadcasting and media law is largely based on stipulations from European law. This applies to advertising law, youth media protection, major events, and short reporting rights. Regulations on securing unrestricted reception of media in the EU…

Net Neutrality

Using the Internet to stream video and audio involves large amounts of data. This raises the issue of whether Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all data the same way or whether they may discriminate between various types of content; it’s a…